GTA 3 Cheat Codes


I have told you about GTA 3.You know what is cheat code.It is helpful.We have to just type the Cheat while playing game.

Game Play Cheat:
boooooring – speed up game play
gesundherit – full health
ifiwerearichman – more money
ilikedressingup – change clothes
ilikescotland – cloudy weather
ilovescotland – rain
itsallgoingmaad – crazy pedstrians
madweather – speedy game clock
morepoliceplease – level up
nastylimbscheat – more violence/gore
nobodylikesme – pedestrians attack
nopoliceplease – level down
peasoup – fog
skincancerforme – sunny weather
timeflieswhenyou – speed up game
tortoise – armor

Weapon Cheats:
gunsgunsguns – all weapons
weaponsforall – pedestrians fight

Vehicle Cheats:
anicesetofwheels – invisible car
bangbangbang – destroy cars around you
chittychittybb – flying car
cornerslikemad – better handling car
giveusatank – tank appears

Enjoy The Cheats!